~ the milk || open

Giulia was running trying to stay hidden in the shadows, it was early morning and there were still a few blotches of darkness where the raising sun or the light of the street lamps didn’t reach. She was hiding in the shadows because she has let her kitten ears and tail free, not hiding them under her hair and under her sweatshirt. It has been a while since she has managed to raise enough money to eat something and now she was eyeing the milk boy, placing the little bottles in front of the houses. It won’t hurt if I take one of two of them right?

She looked around, letting the boy went away before tip toeing swiftly towards a door, hoping no one was awake yet. She approached the milk bottles and crouching down silently to take them she hit the doorbell with her elbow. Driin! You’re supposed to be silent as a cat!